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D16 Drumazon (Virtual TR 909)

The only problem that I had using this software (as well as the Nepheton) is that it opens up with a pre-programmed beat. You have to clear out all the samples and save a blank template to start fresh. Other than that it's a real gem with amazing tonality!

D16 Drumazon (Virtual TR 909)

Price: 129.00 eur

Also available in:

Total Bundle for 95.00 eur (- 26 %)
Drum Pack for 105.00 eur (- 18 %)
Classic Boxes Collection for 101.00 eur (- 21 %)



Drumazon synthesis emulates all the sounds of the original 9O9. All the instruments are synthesized in exactly the same way as the original. All the nuances and detail of the original are captured perfectly. In addition, all Drumazon instruments have enhanced controls. This extra functionality allows the user to adjust the sounds further than on the original unit. This opens up a whole new world of sound creation. Listen to the audio demos or tweak it yourself with the demo version :)


Drumazon has a flexible output configuration. Every instrument's audio signal can be routed to any of the 11 outputs. This allows users to further shape sounds individually or in groups via their favourite plug-ins.
Each individual output can be set to mono or stereo. Every instrument also has a Mute and Solo button. Mute will not just silence the sound, it will stop the sound being triggered. Solo will stop all other instruments from being triggered and only allow the selected sound(s) to play.


Drumazon has extensive midi control. Midi notes can be used to trigger each individual sound. Alternatively, the internal sequencer can be used. This can be set to play using Drumazon's internal clock or set to synchronize perfectly to the host sequencer.

Most of Drumazon's parameters can be automated within the host and also controlled using MidiCC with an external controller. An easy-to-use Midi Learn function allows reassignment of any of the parameters.

Internal Sequencer

Within the internal sequencer, patterns are stored in 8 banks. Each bank can store up to 12 patterns. Each pattern consists of 16 steps. Each pattern location has a midi note number assigned to it. The patterns can be edited traditionally using the step buttons or using the tap function.

The internal sequencer has various modes of operation. In Chain Mode, a range of patterns are selected from the internal banks and are played through in a circular fashion. Patterns can also be triggered freely by selecting the corresponding midi note (for example, from a midi controller keyboard). External controllers can be used in any mode to provide full control over pattern playback.

A Randomizer function is also provided within the internal sequencer. It can be used to make simple changes to a pattern or create a whole new one - ideal when your creativity needs a boost! Randomizing can be applied to specific instruments and specific steps. The frequency of occurrence can also be adjusted to give you just the right amount.

Files are stored in the XML format. This allows single patterns or whole banks to be exchanged between users easily. XML allows the files to be edited in a text editor. Ideal if you want to post or share a pattern on a web site -just post the text!


The settings for each instrument can be stored in it's own preset. Each instrument preset can be loaded in individually. This allows maximum flexibility when putting kits of instruments together. A dedicated Preset Manager is provided to help the user manage the sounds within their own unique library.


Drumazon is available in VSTi format at the moment for both platforms (PC and Mac).
It's a dynamic library (.dll file) for PC and Universal Binary bundle for Mac.
To use the product you need Windows 2000/XP or Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later. It's not a standalone program so you need a VST compatible host application to use it.
If you have not checked it yet try the demo first with your favourite host and environment.


Control CC No.
BD Level 20
BD Pitch 22
BD Decay 24
SD Level 26
SD Tone 28
SD Decay 30
LT Level 32
LT Tone 34
LT Decay 36
MT Level 39
MT Tone 41
MT Decay 43
HT Level 45
HT Tone 47
HT Decay 49
RS Level 51
RS Decay 53
HC Tune 55
CH Level 57
CH Decay 59
OH Tune 61
CR Level 63
CR Decay 65
RD Tune 67
Tempo 15
Flam 17
Total Accent 19
SD Mute 91
MT Mute 103
RS Mute 105
CH Mute 107
CR Mute 109
BD Solo 111
LT Solo 113
HT Solo 115
HC Solo 117
OH Solo 119
RD Solo 121
SD Rand Threshold 71
MT Rand Threshold 73
RS Rand Threshold 75
CH Rand Threshold 77
CR Rand Threshold 79
Control CC No.
BD Tune 21
BD Attack 23
BD Tune Depth 25
SD Tune 27
SD Tune Depth 29
SD Snappy 31
LT Tune 33
LT Tune Depth 35
LT Tune Decay 37
MT Tune 40
MT Tune Depth 42
MT Tune Decay 44
HT Tune 46
HT Tune Depth 48
HT Tune Decay 50
RS Tune 52
HC Level 54
HC Reverb 56
CH Tune 58
OH Level 60
OH Decay 62
CR Tune 64
RD Level 66
RD Decay 68
Volume 7
Shuffle 18
BD Mute 90
LT Mute 102
HT Mute 104
HC Mute 106
OH Mute 108
RD Mute 110
SD Solo 112
MT Solo 114
RS Solo 116
CH Solo 118
CR Solo 120
BD Rand Threshold 70
LT Rand Threshold 72
HT Rand Threshold 74
HC Rand Threshold 76
OH Rand Threshold 78
RD Rand Threshold 80
Digital Music Magazine, Nov/Dec 2007
» Il risultato è di prim’ordine, le differenze acustiche fra l’originale e il “clone” sono quasi impercettibili anche dall’orecchio più allenato. Una soluzione ideale per chi non cerca altro che il mitico suono della 909. «
La bible de la musique sur PC, No 22 2007
» La majorité des utilisateurs s'accordent pour dire que Drumazon est la meilleure émulation de TR-909 disponible a ce jour. «
Beat, April 2007
» Wir haben Drumazon gegen gut dokumentierte Aufnahmen einer TR-909-Sample-Session verglichen. Tatsächlich klingt das neue d16-Instrument so rund und druckvoll wie das Original und verhält sich selbst bei Klangveränderungen am laufendem Sequenzer wie der graue Kasten aus dem Orwell-Jahr 1984 «
Keys, April 2007
» Drumazon macht jede Menge Spaß und ist durch die flexible Klangformung jeder statischen Sample-Kollektion überlegen. Die Symbiose aus traditioneller Bedienung und exzelentem Sound lässt eine perfekte illusion des Originals entstehen «
Computer Music, May 2007
» In fact, given the choice, we’d take Drumazon over a hardware 909 every time. It can produce a greater range of sounds, offers the convenience of a software instrument and, most importantly, sounds fantastic «
Future Music, May 2007
» Drumazon isn't for everybody, but if you're one of those types who find themselves regularly reaching for those classic 909 samples then you'll most likely love it to bits «
Remix, May 2007
» Drumazon is a ton of fun, and the original hardware wouldn't give you a much better experience. [...] Still, Drumazon sounds dynamite without any compression or processing «
DE:BUG, Mai 2007
» Der Klang der Drumazon-Emu ist mehr als solide. Die Sounds klingen knackig und haben einen gewissen Punch, der ihnen im Mix eine gute Durchsetzungsfähigkeit erlaubt. «
Bigshot, May/June 2007
» From years of using the TR-909, this unit sounds exactly what I’ve been accustomed to using all the little tricks work the same, the volume distorts when the mix is too hot, the floor tom makes an excellent bass line, and the ride pitch crushes the high-end while tweaking the knob. «



Full Features

  • truly emulated instruments' synthesis
  • perfectly scaled knob ranges with few modifications enlarging spectrum of the sounds
  • exhanced control of instruments' sound
  • dynamic signal routing from instruments to outputs
  • user defined plugin outputs settings
  • mutes/solos for each instrument (affect triggerring not just the signal)
  • fully controllable via MidiCC
  • quick midiCC assignation with MidiLearn function
  • many ways of controlling the device:
    • external mode (note mode)
    • internal sequencer (pattern mode) with 3 submodes
  • external mode:
    • midi map equivalent with the classic drum machine's map
    • midi tune and velocity controls instruments' levels and tunes
  • internal sequencer:
    • 8 banks with 12 patterns per bank
    • each pattern up to 16 steps of length
    • each pattern defined with one of four available measures
    • each step can be defined normal or flamed and accented or not
    • shuffle mode
    • flam mode
    • tap mode
    • chain mode
    • Shuffle, Flam and TotalAccent values defined globally and per pattern
    • Scale function and intelligent Rescale (automatically stretches pattern to the chosen measure)
    • built in Randomizer (selection of instruments to random, steps to be affected, frequency of the randomized notes and more)
    • patterns import/export via human readable xml files
  • two modes of synchronization:
    • precise synchronization to the host tempo
    • synchronization to internal clock - tempo controlled in the range 30-303 BPM (+-0.1)
  • individual presets per instrument with preset manager to easy control

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