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Roni Size Quote

As a final question, Size is asked whether he feels that, given his Jamaican ancestry, drum & bass is his way of developing his reggae roots and pushing them into the 21st century. His reply is adamant. "No way! I'm not trying to push anything apart from maybe that I'd like to contribute to something. All I'm doing is just trying to give myself musical fulfillment. I love rolling sets of drums, whether in reggae or jazz or hip-hop. I love bass lines. I love acoustic guitar. I love melodies. I love some classical stuff. I love music. I'm a musicalist. I love the amalgamation of different types of music gelling together."

Friday, January 8, 2010

Jungle Beat Tutorial

In this tutorial I create a basic jungle beat using two classic jungle breaks. Download the samples used from

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them here. Also, I know the speech is a bit unclear at points, but it should be clear in places where it matters.

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Even though I'm not the biggest fan of Fruity Loops, I still think that this is a very well made tutorial on how to make a unique Jungle beat without having to know much at all about music production and processing. The process that SpeaK uses can be transferred to any basic sequencer interface. So Check it out and enjoy.

Thanks. SpeaK. 

Dubstep Songwriting Structure (abridged)



Dubstep rhythms are usually syncopated, and often shuffled or incorporating triplets. The tempo is nearly always in the range of 138-142bpm.[8] Dubstep rhythms typically do not follow the four-to-the-floor patterns common in many other styles of electronic dance music such as techno and house, but instead tend to rely on a kickdrum based around the first and third beat of a bar (a characteristic inherited from 2-step garage) and longer percussion loops than the four-bar phrases present in much techno or house. Often, a track's percussion will follow a pattern which when heard alone will appear to be playing at half the tempo of the track; the double-time feel is instead achieved by other elements, usually the bassline. An example of this tension generated by the conflicting tempo is Skream's Rutten, which features a very sparse rhythm almost entirely composed of kick drum, snare drum, and a sparse hi-hat, with a distinctly half time implied 69bpm tempo. The track is instead propelled by a constant sub-bass following a four to the floor 138bpm pattern, and a sampled flute phrase.

Structure, Bass drops, Rewinds and MC's

Originally, dubstep releases had some structure similarities to other genres like drum and bass and UK garage. Typically this would comprise an intro, a main section (often incorporating a bass drop), a midsection, a second main section similar to the first (often with another drop), and an outro.
Many dubstep tracks incorporate one or more "bass drops", a characteristic inherited from drum 'n' bass. Typically, the percussion will pause, often reducing the track to silence, and then resume with more intensity, accompanied by a dominant subbass (often passing portamento through an entire octave or more, as in the audio example). However, this is by no means a completely rigid characteristic, rather a trope; a large portion of seminal tunes from producers like Kode9 and Horsepower Productions have more experimental song structures which don't rely on a drop for a dynamic peak - and in some instances don't feature a bass drop at all.

Rewinds (or reloads)[12] are another technique used by dubstep DJs. If a song seems to be especially popular, the DJ will 'spin back' the record by hand without lifting the stylus, and play the track in question again. Rewinds are also an important live element in many of dubstep's precursors; the technique originates in dub reggae soundsystems, and is also used at UK garage and jungle nights.[13]
Taking direct cues from Jamaica's lyrically sparse deejay and toasting mic styles in the vein of reggae pioneers like U-Roy, the MC's role in dubstep's live experience is critically important to its impact.[14] As the music is largely instrumental, the MC operates in a similar context to drum and bass and is generally more of a complement to the music rather than the deliverer of lyrical content.[15]

Tracks that use the Amen Break by the Winstons

 This list is just partial of course but a cool find. Enjoy.

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*µ-Ziq – "Carpet Muncher"
*µ-Ziq – "Grape Nut Beats (Pt.1)"
*µ-Ziq – "Meinheld"
*2 Live Crew – "Feel Alright Yall"
*3rd Bass – "Wordz of Wisdom"
*3rd Bass – "Portrait Of The Artist As A Hood"
*4 Hero – "Escape That"

*A-Sides and MC Fats – "Crazy V.I.P"
*Abstract – "The Message"
*Acetate – "Cold Steel Pressure"
*Acetate – "Noir"
*Afro Kid – "Yo DJ"
*Altern-8 – "Re-Indulge"
*Amazon II – "Booyaaa!"
*Amon Tobin – "Nightlife"
*Amy Winehouse - "You Know I'm No Good"
*Andy C – "Cool Down"
*Aphrodite – "Bomber"
*Artificial Intelligence – "There For You (D Kay Remix)"
*Atari Teenage Riot – "Burn Berlin Burn"
*Atari Teenage Riot – "Raverbashing"
*Atari Teenage Riot - "Deutschland (Has Gotta Die)"
*Babylon 5 – "Yes Yes"
*Back 2 Basics – "Horns 4 95"
*Bizzy B – "16 Track Relic"
*Bizzy B – "2099 Dub"
*Bizzy B – "Afraid Of The Dark"
*Bizzy B – "Bad Boy Sound"
*Bizzy B – "Bless This Sound (feat. Equinox and TDK)"
*Bizzy B – "Creation"
*Bizzy B – "Darkside"
*Bizzy B – "Deep, Dark And Nastie"
*Bizzy B – "Deep In My Soul"
*Bizzy B – "Exceeding The Speed Of Sound"
*Bizzy B – "Fire"
*Bizzy B – "Flava"
*Bizzy B – "Jah Works"
*Bizzy B – "Merda Style 2004 (feat. Equinox)"
*Bizzy B – "Sound Test"
*Bizzy B – "Strength"
*Brand Nubian – "The Godz Must Be Crazy"
*Brockie, Ed Solo & DJ Kane – "Outboard"
*Capone – "Jah"
*Ceephax Acid Crew – "Dog Drum N Bass"
*Cex – "Am I Soundboy"
*Concept 2 – "Cause n Effect"
*Daniel Bedingfield - "I Can't Read You"
*David Bowie – Little Wonder
*DÅÅTH – "Illuminator"
* – "Droppin' Science Vol. 1"
*Dead Dred – "Dred Bass"
*Deee-Lite – "Come on In, the Dreams are Fine"
*Dosh – "I Think I'm Getting Married"
*Digital – "Sounds Of Freedom"
*Digital – "Waterhouse Dub"
*Digital – "Waterhouse Dub (A-Sides Remix)"
*Dillinja – "Acid Trak"
*Dillinja – "Fluid"
*Dillinja – "Fusion (Remix)"
*Dillinja – "I Wanna Know"
*Dillinja – "Mutha*ucka"
*Dillinja – "Super DJ"
*Dillinja – "The Angels Fell"
*Dillinja – "Violent Killa"
*DJ Hype – "Tigerstyle (Krome & Time Remix)"
*DJ Hype & DJ Zinc – "Musically Dope (Ganja Kru Remix)"
*DJ Rap – "Digable Bass"
*DJ SS – "Black"
*DJ SS – "Orange"
*DJ SS – "Rollidge"
*DJ SS – "The Intro"
*DJ Starscream – Sword Sharpening Remix feat. Shannon Mitchell
*DJ Sy – "The Chain"
*DJ Zinc – "6 Million Ways"
*DJ Zinc – "Feel"
*DJ Zinc – "It's Like That"
*DJ Zinc – "On Fire Tonight"
*DJ Zinc – "Reachout (Remix)"
*DJ Zinc – "Super Sharp Shooter"
*DJ Zinc feat MC GQ – "Bring The Danger"

*Ellis Dee & MC Fats – "97 Style"
*Enduser – "Kill It"
*Eric B and Rakim – "Casualties of War"
*EMF - "Unbelievable"
*Equinox – "Acid Rain V.I.P"
*Equinox – "Do You Understand Me?"
*Freestylers – "Breaker Beats Part 1"
*Funky Technicians – "Airtight"
*Ganja Kru – "Magic"
*Ganja Kru – "New Frontiers"
*Ganja Kru – "No Fear"
*Ganja Kru – "Plague That Never Ends"
*Ganja Kru – "Science"
*Goldie – "Chico: Death of a Rock Star"
*Heavy D – "Let it Flow"
*Heavy D – "Flexin'"
*Heavy D – "MC Heavy D!"
*Heavyweight – "Oh Gosh"
*Hive – Ultrasonic Sound
*Hixxy & Sharkey – "Toy Town"
*Hrvatski – "Apostle"
*Hrvatski – "Atelier"
*Hrvatski – "Carrot (Hrvatski's Nightvision)"
*Hrvatski – "Catstep/My Kitten/Catnip-Vatstep DSP" remix of Kid 606
*Hrvatski – "Cirrus Minor", a cover of the Pink Floyd song
*Hrvatski – "Corcoran"
*Hrvatski – "El-Ron are Dangdut Kings"
*Hrvatski – "Epoxy (Live)"
*Hrvatski – "EWC1"
*Hrvatski – "Ghatam)"
*Hrvatski – "Paint It Black", a cover of The Rolling Stones song
*Hrvatski – "Pulse"
*Hrvatski – "Rhetoric"
*Hrvatski – "Routine Exercise"
*Hrvatski – "Sucka"
*Hrvatski – "You Didn't Look High Enough"
*Icu – "Chotto Matte A Moment!"

*J Majik – "Your Sound"
*J Majik – "Arabian Nights"
*John B – "Green"
*John Rolodex – "Rinse It (Amen Mix)"
*KLF – (as The One World Orchestra) – "The Magnificent"
*Krome & Time – "Ganja Man"
*Krome & Time – "The Licence"
*Lemon D – "Get Dirty"
*Lemon D – "Static"
*Lemon D – "This is Los Angeles"
*Lenny De Ice - "We are I.E."
*Lesser – "Mensa Dunce Squad (Leg Up Program)"
*Lesser – "This Is What We've Become"
*Lifer's Group – "Jack U. Back (So You Wanna Be a Gangsta)"
*Linkin Park - Faint
*Lords of Acid – "Crablouse"
*LTJ Bukem – "Demon's Theme"

*MA3 – "Those DJ's"
*Maestro Fresh Wes – "Bring it On"
*Mampi Swift – "Rock It"
*Mampi Swift – "Tripped"
*Mantronix – "King of the Beats"
*Mask – "Mad Professor"
*Mask – "Square Off"
*Mask & Gang Related feat Swabe – "Dictation (Remix)"
*Mental Power – "Red"
*Moby - "Feeling So Real"
*Movement Ex – "KK Punani"
*Moving Fusion – "Thunderball"
*N.W.A. – "Straight Outta Compton"
*Nas - "Hip Hop is Dead"
*Nasenbluten – "Big Gonads"
*Nasenbluten – "Hurricane 2000"
*Nasty Habits – "Shadow Boxing (Remix)"
*Nice & Smooth – "Dope Not Hype"
*Noisia - "The Tide"
*Oasis – D'you Know What I mean?'
*Orbital – "Satan"
*Paradox – "Hologram"
*Pascal – "Turn It Over"
*Paul Oakenfold "James Bond Theme (Bonus Beats)
*Pitchshifter – "Hidden Agenda"
*Powerpuff Girls Theme Song
*Prisoners Of Technology – "The Trick Of Technology"
*Public Enemy - "Fight the Power"

*Ram Trilogy – "Huggy Bear"
*Ram Trilogy – "Titan"
*Ray Keith – "Chopper (Original Mix)"
*Ray Keith – "Dark Soldier"
*Ray Keith – "Dirty Chopper"
*Ray Keith – "Dread Colony
*Ray Keith – "Dread Jungle Techno"
*Ray Keith – "Eastern Promise"
*Ray Keith – "Jah Dread"
*Ray Keith – "Nina's Rinse"
*Ray Keith – "Plasma"
*Ray Keith – "Sinister (Bad Boy)"
*Ray Keith – "Tear Out"
*Renegade featuring Ray Keith – "Terrorist"
*Remarc – "Bad Bwoy"
*Remarc – "Bad No Bloodclart"
*Remarc – "R.I.P"
*Remarc – "Ricky"
*Salt-N-Pepa – "I Desire"
*Scarface – "Born Killer"
*Schoolly D – "How a Black Man Feels"
*Seba - "Car Crash"
*Seba - "Forever"
*Secret Chiefs 3 – "Jãbalqã"
*Shitmat – "Amen Babylon"
*Shitmat – "More Fire('93 Ting Mix)"
*Shy FX and UK Apache – "Original Nuttah"
*Shy FX – "This Style"
*Skeptic – "Tear"
*SL2 – "S.L. Electro"
*Slipknot – "Eyeless"
*Special K – "Twist (Ray Keith Remix)"
*Special K & The Dream Team – "Switch (Remix)"
*Splash – "Babylon"
*Splash Collective Vol.3 – "Rebels"
*Squarepusher – "A Journey to Reedham "
*Squarepusher – "Anstromm-Feck 4"
*Squarepusher – "The Barn "
*Squarepusher – "Bonneville Occident"
*Squarepusher – "Central Line"
*Squarepusher – "Come On My Selector"
*Squarepusher - "Cooper's World"
*Squarepusher – "Eviscerate"
*Squarepusher – "Go! Spastic"
*Squarepusher – "Hello Meow"
*Squarepusher – "I Wish You Could Talk"
*Squarepusher – "Male Pill Part 5"
*Squarepusher – "Mind Rubbers"
*Squarepusher – "The Modern Bass Guitar"
*Squarepusher – "My Red Hot Car"
*Squarepusher – "North Circular"
*Squarepusher – "Planetarium"
*Squarepusher – "Plotinus"
*Squarepusher – "Port Rhombus"
*Squarepusher – "Problem Child"
*Squarepusher – "Steinbolt"
*Squarepusher – "Tomorrow World"
*Squarepusher – "Tundra"
*Squarepusher – two untitled tracks on "Burningn'n Tree"
*Squarepusher – "Vic Acid"
*Squarepusher – "Welcome To Europe"
*Technical Itch – "The Rukus"
*The Flashbulb – "Amen Iraq"
*The JB – "Back To Life (The Dedication)"
*Third Rail – "The Apprentice" trilogy
*The Crystal Method – "Keep Hope Alive"
*The Crystal Method – "Name Of The Game"
*The Crystal Method – "Roll It Up"
*The Prodigy – "Breathe"
*The Prodigy – "Firestarter"
*The Prodigy – "Mindfields"
*The Prodigy – "Narayan"
*The Prodigy – "Serial Thrilla"
*Theory – "Conquering Lion"
*The Third Eye Foundation – "Semtex"
*TNT – "2 Degrees"
*Total Science – "Squash"
*Total Science – "Squash VIP"
*Trinity – "Amen Bleeps"
*Twisted Anger – "Dread Come To Conquer"
*Twisted Anger – "Dread Come To Conquer (Remix)"
*Twisted Anger – "Mothership"

*Urban Shakedown – "Some Justice '95"
*Undercover Agent – "Oh Gosh"
*Unreal Tournament – Michiel van den Bos – "BOTMCA#10"
*Unreal Tournament – Michiel van den Bos – "BOTPACK#9"
*Unreal Tournament – Alexander Brandon – "Go Down"
*Unreal Tournament – "Lock"
*Unreal Tournament – Andrew Sega – "Mechanism Eight"
*Unreal Tournament – Alexander Brandon – "Organic"
*Unreal Tournament – Michiel van den Bos – "Run"
*Unreal Tournament – Alexander Brandon – "Three Wheels Turning"
*Unwritten Law – Introduction track on "Here's to the Mourning"
*Venetian Snares – "Dance Like You're Selling Nails"
*Venetian Snares - Hand Throw
*Venetian Snares – "Herbie Goes Ballistic"
*Venetian Snares – "Második Galamb"
*Venetian Snares – "Kétsarkú Mozgalom"
*Venetian Snares – "Szamár Madár"
*Venetian Snares – "Szerencsétlen"
*Wots My Code – "Dubplate"