Thursday, November 11, 2010

Live music by The Felice Brothers on NPR

September 10, 2008 from WXPN - Having honed their sound in the Americana musical mecca outside Woodstock, N.Y., the roots-rock revivalists in The Felice Brothers bring their raucous act to the Philadelphia Folk Festival. Comprising three actual brothers and a bassist named Christmas, The Felice Brothers' members perform accordion-driven tales and ballads of outlaws and outsiders with an authentic folk spirit.

Simone, Ian, James and Christmas are known for their mischievous behavior, including panhandling and living in an old "short bus." They project their lawlessness through their rough musical style, which has earned them comparisons to the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Townes Van Zandt.

In the spring of 2007, they began to play shows and festivals throughout Europe upon the release of their debut album, Tonight at the Arizona, which was issued by an English label. After that success Europe, the band is now traveling around the U.S., having released a self-titled album earlier this year.

The Felice Brothers in Studio on World Cafe 06/02/2009
1. "The Big Surprise"
2. "Memphis Flu"
3. "Marie"
4. "Run Chicken Run"

The Felice Brothers in Concert on World Cafe - 09/10/2008
1. "Memphis Flu"
2. "Ruby Mae"
3. "Whiskey in My Whiskey"
4. "Helen Fry"
5. "Frankie's Gun!"

The Felice Brothers in Concert on April 3, 2009 from WXPN
1."Big Surprise"
2."Memphis Flu"
3."Boy From Lawrence County"
5."Run Chicken Run"
6."Let Me Come Home"

The Felice Brothers In Concert: Newport Folk Festival 2010 (Full Show)
1.White Limo
2.Run Chicken Run
3.Take me tenderly
4.Carrier Pidgeons
5.Step Dad
6.Damn you Jim
7.Katie Dear
8.River Jordan
9.Frankie’s Gun
10.Greatest Show on Earth
11.Take this bread
12.St. Stephen’s End
13.Two Hands

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